Jeremy Hardy is really funny


Along with his many other talents, he’s also a unique vocalist. At least, I really hope he’s unique.


You might be surprised by this, but so am I.

Funny people rock.

To aggregate.

As much as I hate it on tv commercials, a bit of compression would really help the intelligibility here.

I prefer The Now Show (probably because of Mary Whitehouse Experience nostalgia). Jeremy Hardy can be funny, but he gets a bit tiresome after a while. As does Mark Steel. For leftie comedians, I prefer Mark Thomas (and I’d like to see more of Rob Newman - see earlier comment).

But Eddie Mair is funnier on PM than anything on at 6:30 anyway (especially the execrable Just a Minute).

I’m glad that The News Quiz has Jeremy as a regular panellist. Especially when he’s given free rein to go off on one of his delightful rants.

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I just bought a full seven seasons’ worth of Hardy’s radio show, Jeremy Hardy Speaks the Nation from AudioGo (which sells them without DRM as MP3s!), and spent a solid week in comedy heaven.

I adore the show, and have listened many times - but you should probably be aware that there are nine seasons, not seven. In fairness, AudioGo does seem to sell all nine series; I initially assumed they were missing some, to account for the ones you seemed to lack.

If you liked Jeremy Hardy Speaks To The Nation, you might also like the recent Radio 4 series from Bridget Christie and from Susan Calman, which had a similar format and sensibilities. And, as mentioned above, don’t miss him on I’m Sorry, I Haven’t A Clue.

He’s here being interviewed by Jack Dee on Chain Reaction:

The funniest thing I’ve heard in the last year or so on BBC has been Warhorses of Letters:

Jeremy Hardy came up with one of my favourite gags on TV, on the subject of unlikely book titles, “Jesus Christ: Lust for Glory”

Hearing him sing on the radio is nothing compared to seeing him in the flesh. I had the (dubious) pleasure of seeing Jeremy sing at a ISIHAC recording once. As an encore to the show the audience got to sing along with Jeremy. He implored us all “Don’t fuck this up as music is my life” It means that much to him.

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