RIP, Jeremy Hardy, one of the UK's funniest lefty comedians

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Why? What? NO!!!11!!!

I think I have Unnatural Acts somewhere…


I don’t get this fashion for happy funerals. He said he wanted all his mates to be in a good mood and smile, and this is a very fashionable idea, that when you die, it’s supposed to be a celebration and joyous and everyone laughing, but I want people’s lives torn apart when I go. I want to be embalmed and brought out when we have guests.

– Jeremy Hardy, The News Quiz, 1998.

RIP Jezza.


RIP Jeremy Hardy. We could hardly listen to ye. :cry:


Damn. Haven’t listened to him enough, and now it’s too late.

Also, shit, that’s my age.

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Such a shame. :sleepy:

He was such a fine man - and a very funny one, too. His rants on the News Quiz were splendid.

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