Man pranks his friends and family at his own funeral

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I wish I had known this guy. He’s a right 'onerable Irishman.


In the “Tales of the Unexpected” version, the family would get home hours later, only to find that they’d left the recording sat on the kitchen table, and that the voice at the funeral was real.

It was great to see people getting a positive memory of a funeral.


Well done.

Anyone who wants to go one better will have to hire Rick Astley to jump out of the coffin.


He died doing what he loved? …


In reading this account, it strikes me that there is a subtle yet important difference between dying a whimsical death, versus enjoying a whimsical funeral. I hope when I go out, I get a solemn sendoff in my final moments, yet leave people in good enough shape to appreciate this kind of humor on my way to the worm bin.


Being %50 Irish in a sea of smokers and drinkers, I’ve been to a few Irish funerals. They are celebrations of life and joviality. This guy nailed it with a coffin nail.


My wife and I have had serious discussions as to the last song to be played at each other’s funerals.

I am torn on mine; half of me wants my last song to be “Another one bites the dust” by Queen; although “Dick in a Box” by Justin Timberlake is very tempting.

My wife has insisted that her last action on earth be to rick roll her friends. Never gonna give you up, indeed…

(My Uncle was a Christian singer, who had released several albums. They played his cover of “Amazing Grace” at his funeral. It was quite sad.)


According to his obit, Shay passed “peacefully after a long illness”. Plenty of time to plan. And I dare say that’s half the point of it - a coping mechanism whereby he felt in control of the one thing entirely beyond his control.

I mean, obvious a wry, dark sense of humour to boot. But probably a lot more logical than snapface makes it appear.


Absofuckinglutely legendary.

If it’s not going to traumatize the funeral goers, and lightens up an otherwise sad/miserable event, then my hat’s off to this guy for being able to laugh at his own mortality, and being willing to extend that beyond his own death.

Those attendees will remember him with a smile, and probably a chuckle when they remember his funeral, and that can’t be said of many funerals.


Good on him, He’ll live forever in the memories of family and friends.

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That’s fantastically dark humor


Still the life of the party.


“When I die … I want to be cremated, put in a bag of pot and I want beautiful people to smoke me and hope they got something out of it.” --Rahsaan Roland Kirk

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Just when I thought the guy famous for playing the Austin Powers theme on three saxophones at once couldn’t get any cooler…

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