Propped up corpse of rapper Goonew presided over his own nightclub funeral

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I’m sure people have had stranger funerals. Probably should have talked to the venue first, but I don’t really see a problem with this if it’s what the family wanted.

Me, I’m hoping Maine gets around to passing a law allowing Viking funerals. There was some noise about it last year. That’s what I want.


my brother made me promise to give him a Viking funeral if he goes first. since he’s my younger brother i don’t want him to go before me, but i would find a way to carry out his wishes if he does.


This is not an uncommon sight at jazz funerals

I don’t judge the way that some folks mourn so long it’s done in an respectful manner. I just hope they would have been cool with stuff like that


The club is handling the investigation? They should be able to wrap this up in no time.

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When the Irish do it it’s called a “wake” and most people respect it as part of the culture, but when a rapper’s buddies do it people flip the heck out. Figures.


Racists be racisming…


If they didn’t close with Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox, then what are they even doing?


He was the life of the party.

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Gonnew killed it that night

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That club is in a pretty sketch part of town. Carrying corpses probably go unnoticed for the most part.

(great movie, i recommend it)

Unfortunately, legality isn’t the biggest problem with Viking funerals:

You basically just end up with a slightly singed corpse bobbing around in a body of water

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My only problem with this is that embalming sucks for the environment. Other than that, I’m just impressed.

It’s also not a real thing as we know it. Vikings did not set ships laden with weapons and/or treasure on fire and set them out to the water. They were buried in ships (real or stone ships), and they were also cremated but never on water.

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Don’t you dare. Don’t you take my dream from me.

(Yes, I’m aware, I looked it up when they first proposed it and learned it still requires a special burn kiln to get the body to the right temperature; but it’s cost should be far lower than using traditional funeral homes, and it’s still sort of cool I think).

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