Jet Capsule futuristic yacht pod


Just the thing for James Bond to steal while escaping from the villain’s secret floating HQ.


It’s nice, but I prefer BoingBoing’s escape pod for extra-planetary emergencies.

Who could afford to leave out the UFO option? No Joke its there.

You know when you say it like that it sounds just like Brick from the Middle saying “jet capsule” under his breath …

If you zoom in on the pic and enhance:

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I’d rather have an escape boat that actually looks, ya know, at all seaworthy - one that could withstand the sorts of large swells you’d face in the open ocean if it came on to a blow, especially if you ever ended up in the more extreme lattitudes.

But hey! If rich people want to prioritize luxury amenities over survivability in the case of a shipwreck, who are we to question? Let the buggers enjoy their over-the-top “comforts” all the way to the bottom, I guess.

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produced by Albert R. Broccoli…

Inevitable cat meme…

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It’s not an “escape boat,” it’s just a recreational craft. I’m pretty sure Boing Boing doesn’t actually have a luxury liner, either.

Damnit, Jason and Rob have been lying to me again!?!

No, you must refer to Rob as Admiral.

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Nylon Admiral!

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