Jill Sobule's "I Kissed a Girl": Happy 20th anniversary!



As I recall Lilith Fair may be a poor example given some of the early ambivalence about queer women artists (leaving out the separate issue of women as techs and backing musicians).

Now here’s a “I Kissed A Girl” song I can subscribe to! Awesome song.

As a bisexual woman, I loathe the Katy Perry song. I mean, sure being bicurios is natural and there’s nothing wrong with making a song about it, but the lyrics suggest kissing a person of the opposite is trendy and what you should do to get the mens’ attention. Case in point; there’s a lyric that says: “I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it”.

There’s also a bit in the Katy Perry song that goes:

“You’re my experimental game, just human nature
It’s not what good girls do, not how they should behave”

Suggesting experimenting their sexuality is not what “good” girls should do - except in order to tillilate men.


The official video was fun, and it showed the world that Fabio is a cool guy with a sense of humor. http://youtu.be/8FdwUGwasck


NIce guitar and harmonica playing, too!

I’ve seen Jill live several times–first in 1991 opening for Joe Jackson before anyone really knew who she was. But I also saw her in 2000 open for the late Warren Zevon, and he did “I Kissed A Girl” with her as a duet. It was awesome.

Edit: Here’s a link of a version of it from Jill’s website: http://jillsobule.com/2012/12/warren-zevon-singing-the-ye-olde-i-kissed-a-girl/

Jill: and we laughed at the world!. They can have their diamonds, and we’ll have our pearls…
Warren: Huh?

I think I prefer this mix, even if Warren Zevon is only a honorary lesbian,

That was -so- 20 years ago

Oh that is a great video! Love it. Fabio always seemed to be game for anything and Jill Sobule is having so much fun. cute!!!

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