Jilted husband wins $8.8 million from guy who seduced his spouse

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Ah. So the woman had no agency here, and the men are fighting over stolen property. Got it.


I have no opinion about this story but I’m loving the names.

Keith King!
Orlando Hudson!
Francisco Huizar III!


Huizar’s attorney said they will appeal

Roger That!


Seems like a common thing. People get mad at the interloper instead of their cheating partner.

I put slightly more blame on the cheating partner, personally. Not an even 50/50 for me.


“Alienation of Affection,” this is a complete nonsense tort. Egads.


Fire up the time machine to 1982. I need to go back and make a band. #bandname


Came here to say exactly that - this seems, on the face of it, incredibly awful and toxic.

I mean, unless the husband can show that the other man manipulated his wife specifically to cause emotional harm to them through their relationship’s failure. Which, from the article, seems the exact opposite of what was going on - the husband sounds abusive, awful, and controlling to the wife. I’d put any blame mostly on the “victim” here.


Now that, that deserves a judgment.

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Keith King, who is 15 years older than his wife, controlled her access to money, manipulated her low self-esteem, brought porn into the relationship, looked through her phone every other week, put her to work without pay, and continued to schedule shows after she said it was too much work and she needed help with her daughter, Patrick said. He tracked her movements and insisted she keep her hair blond, and wear bikinis and high heels, Patrick said.

I think the wrong person got sued…


Sadly, I don’t think you can sue someone for being a control freak asshole.

This whole story is disturbing a/f…


Yes, the 3d party doesn’t have any contractual or other obligations to the jilted spouse. I’m not in favor of cheating, mind you, just holding that the cheater is responsible for cheating. “Alienation of affections” is not a law that should be on the books anymore.


Yeah, I think we’re maybe saying two different things.

I think the interloper (for lack of a better gender-neutral word) doesn’t have any legal liability stemming from the affair. I’m just getting at who is deserving of ire.

This… but ‘alienation of affection’ is a stupid law that was left on the books in a few states because we forgot about it… judge?.. …

Judges who say that they don’t rule based on the moral merits of a law are ruling based on the moral merits of a law - that is, they choose to perpetuate morally unjust laws. Fuck this ruling, fuck this judge, and fuck the plantiff.


Haven’t read the entire article, but there could be counter suits running all over the place.

I would think invasion of privacy (cellphone control freak) and work without pay are pretty solid arguments.


More like Huizar’s attorney said they will sex appeal, amirite?.

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That’s how the affair started.

Yep. This is also why abusive men who murder their wives get an average of 2-6 years in prison and women who kill their abusive husbands get 20+. The idea that women are property to be disposed of by their husbands as they will is baked into our society and legal system.