Jimmy Kimmel's full 20-minute interview with Sean Spicer


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20 minutes is way more time than I want to spend thinking about Sean Spicer.


I cant bear to watch any of it.

Did Jimmy ruffle Spicer’s hair, or otherwise help him seem normal?


On the one hand, I recognize that dehumanizing one’s ideological foes is a dark and twisted path to walk down for anyone. Get angry at the ideas, by the person, I try to remember.

But on the other hand, I don’t think we are under any ethical obligation to rehumanize anyone, either.


I really enjoy Kimmel’s show but, I refuse to watch the Spicer episode or the clip here. Spicer can piss off.


I thought Spicer did a pretty good job, better than I expected. He was in a shitty situation with Trump. He took the ribbing and joking from Kimmel like a man. In fact, made Kimmel look like a doofus a couple times.



So Kimmel is continuing his role as a professional sycophant to evil. Yay.


Spicer is yet another republican coprophiliac who happily wallows in trump. He was happy as pigs in shit with his “situation”.


Did he look worth $30K to dissemble embarrassingly?

“Sean Spicer, Citing Selfie Requests, Reportedly Thinks He’s Worth More Than Customary $30K Speaking Fee”




What, you don’t know that he was kidnapped and forced to work for Trump?

What’s heroic about Spice Boy is that he somehow managed to escape!


Indeed! Spicer joined up with Trump to raise his profile and get his vile agenda into the public sphere more fully. He was a will participant and there is nothing positive about his politics.

[ETA] wait… my brain is confusing Spicer and Bannon… what’s wrong with me. But I think this still stands.


I was going to post the exact same thing


No thanks. I’ve had plenty of Spicy already this year. It’s mashed potato sandwiches from here on out.


Fuck the normalization of these creeps.


Every comment I’ve see you make recently seems to be an attempt at marginalization or deflection.



another chance to post my new favorite gif! :grinning:


Is Kimmel completely incapable of learning from his mistakes?

Or is he just doing his level best to corner the market on brown-nosing the absolute scum of the earth?

“Well, sociopathic liars are people, too.”


YouTube usually has a good auto-transcript of videos, but not this one. Too soon?