Jimmy Kimmel's message to the anti-vaccine movement


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I grew up before the vaccines for measles and chicken pox,and got those immunities the hard way.
I did get the polio vaccine, and it was on a sugar cube instead of a shot, and as a little kid, how can you beat that? Not getting crippled, and sugar as well!


Many years ago, one of my less-techie customers asked me if I knew why his attempts at copying photos always gave very poor results.

I grabbed a piece of paper, then I spent about 15 minutes talking about the early photo-history attempts at figuring out what a properly exposed negative should look like, films’ characteristic (D/LogE) curves and their attendant toes and shoulders, and how processing affects films’ contrast. I gave him a short overview of the Zone System and why it works, and the differences among amateur, professional, duplicate, and copy film. When I finished, he had a deer caught in the headlights look about him.

Then I said, “You don’t have to remember or even understand any of what I just explained to you. I just did all that so that you would understand that I know what I’m talking about: All you need to do is to overexpose by one f-stop when you copy photos.”

He called me the next day after trying it, to tell me that he could barely believe how well it worked and to express his thanks!

Jimmy Kimmel obviously understood that the same approach was needed here.


OMG - I could write for Jimmy Fallon! I had that snarky retort on other forums:

“Remember how your older brother and younger sister died when you were a kid and how hard it was on your mom? Oh wait, you don’t, because you were vaccinated.”


Old Yeller would have lived.


OMG - this is true!


Oh right, so where is the other side of the controversy? Comedy is so unfair.

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That’s because comedy (when it’s done well) is truer than real life.

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Babies are born without white blood cells. Antibodies are made in white blood cells. Vaccines are useless until a baby can make the antibodies to fight these pathogens. So, tell me then, why are we vaccinating babies before they have white blood cells? In Japan, with higher population densities than in the US, babies are restricted from receiving vaccines until they are 2 years old. A baby’s natural immunities come from it’s mother. Through breast feeding, a baby receives everything it needs to survive. Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian, not a scientist. Perhaps it was satire?

Yeah, that is completely not true.


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Wait, are you saying that babies don’t have white blood cells? Are you unclear on how antibodies work? How do infants end up with neutropenia if they aren’t supposed to have neutrophils? Why is this paper talking about killer T-cells in fetal development?

Someone isn’t a scientist. But I seem to recall he threw up a lot of doctors…


That’s either nonsense or bullshit, depending on how much you understand how inaccurate your posting was.

But behind that, it’s true that babies’ immune systems aren’t fully mature at birth, and do develop over time. That’s why the MMR vaccine gets given at 1 year of age and not earlier, and it’s a big component to why there are schedules for many of the vaccines.

Higher population density doesn’t matter much, as long as enough of the population is vaccinated to have decent herd immunity. “Enough” is influenced by a lot of things, including the population density. Most 2-year-olds don’t spend enough time with other children for it to be a big increase in risk over vaccinating at 1 year, as long as everybody who can gets vaccinated.

“Babies are born without digestive systems. Food is absorbed through the digestive system, so breastmilk and formula are useless until a baby can absorb them. So, tell me then, why are we feeding babies before they have digestive systems?” —Equally ignorant person dispensing terrible medical advice


People who get the flu, get it from human contact. They do not get it from sitting in the woods. Population density has a lot to do with it. Hygiene is another determining factor. Nutrition another. Camellia oil is antiviral and proven to be effective against several strains, including H1N1. As well, water quality and sanitation is yet another. Cholera outbreaks in Paris were linked to contaminated drinking water and inadequate sewer systems. I know plenty of healthy children who have never received vaccines. Personally, I believe the indoctrination of the medical community with automated preemptive vaccinations is a product of profiteering and not a matter of public health.

I want to share a personal account. My great great grandfather suffered a small pox outbreak. He refused hospitalization. Eventually, his grandchildren carried him to the hospital. His lesions broke in the process. All of his grandsons were exposed. None of his grandsons got smallpox. When they administered the vaccine to my father, his body rejected it. I think there are uses for vaccines… don’t get me wrong. I believe there are a time and a place for vaccines. However, filling our children with attenuated viruses before they mature, or are even exposed to any of these antigens, is a cultural neurosis.

Cool story bro. Here’s a picture of just a couple dozen out of the thousands of kids who suffered from polio when they didn’t get the vaccine.
<img src=>

Now here’s a photo of all the kids, just in America today who have polio, even though we developed a vaccine for it and made everyone get that vaccine:

You do realize what those vaccines are preempting, right? I’ll go ahead and spell it out: they’re preempting disease before the kid has a shot at getting infected.

Your personal anecdote of a single event (however emotionally significant it is to you) has absolutely no bearing on what actually is good for your kids or mine. You might as well claim that your reading of the bible is relevant to modern tax law.

It’s a neurosis to use proven effective (so effective it’s a damn miracle of science) prevention, while still studying how it works and improving on what we’ve already got?


It’s not indoctrination. It’s the simple truth. Go ahead and look at the epidemiology data.

Also, PROFITEERING? You know what isn’t profitable for a pharmaceutical company to do? Spend grillions of dollars developing a vaccine. Because the best vaccines that pretty much everyone demands only need one or two shots. You know who pays for vaccines? Insurance. If vaccines didn’t work, insurance would absolutely have stopped paying for them long ago. Yet vaccinations are practically the #1 thing insurance pays for.

If vaccines were profitable, they would be perpetually evergreened in patent, like many drugs already are, for instance Adderall (they change the time release mechanism every time the patent approaches expiration), and Lipitor (they change the chirality of the drug when patent is going to run out.)

As it stands most of the vaccines are old enough that anyone can produce them, and they work so well that multiple companies make the same vaccines in order to keep up with demand, because they have to spend most of their money developing drugs that are actually profitable.

If anything vaccines are a boost to PR, not profit.


My point, I have more trust in natural evolutionary processes, than I do in vaccines. Evolution got me here, not vaccines.

You don’t seem to understand evolution very well. By your logic the plague would be considered a good thing.

Just because evolution is how we got here doesn’t mean it works in a particularly efficient or humane way.

I’d rather take what we’ve got now, and improve upon it than let natural selection decide whether my children live or die. That’s, quite frankly, a stupid way to go about life, when science is a thing.


Evolution has worked several wonders for me as well. It has weakened and made nearly vestigial my claws, has removed the vast majority of my body hair, and a long time ago it probably dispensed with my gills. These days I would tend to freeze to death overnight, come in a bloody runner-up in hand-to-paw combat with the larger predators, and drown miserably in every attempt at crossing oceans except for one thing: evolution gave me a brain smart enough to develop clothing, weapons, boats, and even vaccines.

Thanks, evolution!


So, all that being said, I still view mandatory vaccine programs as fascist, as it removes one’s right to choose for themselves what they put inside their bodies. It impedes on personal freedoms. Very basic freedoms. The freedom of choice. I also believe that if we are going to vaccinate, we must provide equal access. Meaning, if I walk into a public institution of medicine and ask to be vaccinated, I get vaccinated.