Jimmy Kimmel's message to the anti-vaccine movement

Let me put it a little more simply for each of you. Get that f…n needle away from me!!!


So people should have the right to choose to drive drunk and run over people without consequences? People should have the right to let their kids starve? People should have the right to set up open pit mines in their back yard in the suburbs and let their mine tailings run off into nearby creeks?

Our rights are abridged for the sake of public health and safety, and not getting vaccinted and not vaccinating your kids not only puts your family at risk. It puts other people’s kids at risk as well as the elderly, the immune suppressed, and those who can’t be vaccinted due to specific if rare allergies.

Not vaccinating isn’t only counter to your own self interest, it’s quite literally dangerous for the people around you. And honestly, I hope I never meet you face to face because even though I am fully vaccinted, there’s no 100% effective vaccine, so I might catch whatever you might be carrying around, being the vector you’ve all but admitted to being.


Miraculously preventable with one little poke, and maybe a sore arm for a day or two:

If you think a kid choking to death on her own phlegm in the middle of the night is something that’s A-Ok, then we have nothing more to say to each other.


Let me put it simply: if you feel that way, get f…n away from society and everyone in it.

It is irresponsible for someone like you to be around other people. Please stay inside your own home, as you have chosen to reject a universal method of preventing fatal illness. We’ll all appreciate it.


Did your father get vaccinated when he was a child? Because if he had gotten German measles, you likely wouldn’t be born at all.


“First they came for the smallpox…”


How do you know I don’t fall into this category?

My father had measles and mumps. He has a natural immunity now. No vaccine necessary.

Did he have German measles, and at what age? And don’t forget your mother: if she’d had it while pregnant with you, that wouldn’t have been very good either.


Saying so just tells me you don’t understand evolution. Evolution is the natural result of variation in a population, plus certain gene combinations leaving creatures more likely to survive or breed. When we talk about a particular disease, that mostly only concerns being more or less likely to succumb to it. And even there it is only chance, for instance it matters far more whether you catch something as a child or an adult.

Where this has got us as a species is many deaths; for instance in the 1940s the single disease pertussis in the single country America affected almost 150000 people per year, killing over half that in one of the most horrible ways I can think, particularly children who simply aren’t as able to cope. I don’t see any reason to assume there was anything so special about your family or mine that got us past that; we simply didn’t have the bad luck to catch it when we were so helpless.

But even if someone were such an self-centered sociopath as to accept this terrible suffering as some form of cruel eugenics, there’s still the problem that all it really pushes us toward is better resistance to pertussis. And that’s exactly what vaccines give us, only they circumvent the cost of thousands of deaths along the way. If you think of the immune system as an army, vaccines are target practice; you could of course get the same training naturally by waiting for an attack, but that would come with all sorts of needless losses, and nobody sensible would ever advocate it.

So, as LDoBe said, you don’t understand evolution very well. But back up: you also started here with a complete lie about immune systems in newborns. I’d rather avoid a Gish gallop, so before we move on, might you acknowledge that was total nonsense and so your understanding about this topic needs some work, or are you standing by it?


Ok, newborns have a rudimentary immune system that includes lymphocytes. But let me ask you this, What is stopping the ebola outbreak? Answer… Better hygiene. Not the GMO tobacco drug.

“Unclean! Unclean!” ringing bell

I’m clearly being facetious, but you see my point. We have an extremely simple, safe, and until recently, universally-accepted way to prevent many deadly diseases: immunizations. People who have chosen to avoid being vaccinated are, as shown recently, potential carriers. This wasn’t a problem until long-eradicated diseases started spreading, and one unvaccinated person on a BART train could infect thousands with their presence. It’s extraordinarily important in 2015 to not be a fool and vaccinate yourself.


All you have done is demonstrated a lack of empathy for the ill. You have no business telling me what I can or cannot do. You are advocating oppression. According to your vaccination policy, you have nothing to fear from me, as long as YOU adhere to it. Those of us who rather not to be vaccinated are perfectly comfortable with suffering the consequences. But don’t limit my rights.

What an excellent way to put it!

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I’m surprised, no one has pointed out the fact that Jimmy Kimmel and his panel of doctors were playing bully.

No, I’m advocating not dying and not being a disease vector. Both of which are pretty positive things, in my book. And no, I don’t have any way to force you to be vaccinated, and it’s entirely within your rights not to do so. But I have a right to want to physically avoid people like yourself — if for no other reason than you really, really want an excuse to claim “oppression”, and have chosen a patently ridiculous way to do so. Most people just go through a vegetarian or left-wing phase for a few years.

“Ok, so I made an argument based on a false premise that demonstrated total confusion about the topic, but let me ignore that and bring up something else.” That’s exactly the possible Gish gallop I wanted to know about, so thank you, I guess.

Let me instead cut to the central point. You have made it very plain that you’ve been badly misinformed about how immune systems and vaccines work, to the point where you yourself should be able to see there are large holes in your understanding. If this is really an issue you care about, then, the first step is to try and fix those holes, instead of trying to ignore them and move on.

I mean, if I was arguing something based on fish not having any brains and then was told they did, I wouldn’t simply shrug that the brains were relatively little and push on. I’d realize my ichthyology was sorely lacking, and even if that didn’t prompt me to listen to the people who knew more about it, I still would want to check my other knowledge before pushing on.


Yes, but by imprisoning innocent people? Compassion is the key to effective healthcare. A view of a tree is better than any antidepressant.