Jo Walton's "Informal History of the Hugos" coming July 2017

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This looks interesting. Can’t wait to read it!


It’s not a memoir, it’s a fantasy novel and a damn good one. Calling it a fictionalized memoir is an excellent way to minimize and diminish the author’s accomplishment. Congratualtions, you’ve used one of the classic methods of trivialization of women authors called out in Joanna Russ’s “How to Suppress Women’s Writing.”

Walton herself has described it as fictionalized memoir, in that her protagonist’s life includes many points of similarity with her own – death of a twin to a car accident, childhood in Wales followed by time at an English boarding school, discovering a used bookstore and early fandom there.

It is simultaneously a fantasy novel and a damned good one. That’s why there’s a quote from me on the cover.


Here’s a fun Hugos fact for you - the Hugos Voting pool is smaller than the listenership of most popular Book Review Podcasts, including Sword and Laser, Science Fiction Book Review Podcast, BookTV, Fireside Book Chat, Book Lust, and many others.

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