Joe Biden is no longer sniffing women's hair on the campaign trail

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Give it time. Nice to sniff meet you, your hair smells like Garnier, do you condition?



I’m sure his willpower will carry him awhile. But then he’ll see a shampoo commercial on TV, smell the spring flowers blooming, glance at Rapunzel playing on some kid’s tablet, and then he’ll accidentally bump into a long-haired woman while he’s shaking hands and it’ll be all over.


Remember wondering why Trump was sniffing all the time? Welcome to knowing why Joe is sniffing.

There is nothing Joe Biden could do short of resigning in shame over what they did to Anita Hill that would satisfy me. That said, the bar is now so low I read the headline and think, “Wouldn’t it be neat to have a president of the United States who was capable of restraint?”


Dude is such a rat-fucker.


The measure of a person is not whether they make mistakes but how they change their actions as a result of those mistakes. He appears to have listened and changed. Whether he can pull it off for the long run is another thing. Now let’s see if he can listen and change on a few more of his problem areas.


Then he’s sniffing something else, what I think.


Instead of following Biden’s aberrant behavior, I wish we could focus on the progressive changes in policy Biden has lead during his long career. I mean I can’t think of anything specific, but surely such a popular candidate has made some measurable difference to people, somewhere.


Sure. Probably not the kind of difference he’s terribly interested in talking about on the campaign trail, though…


He also opposed the Gulf War in 1991, opposed the surge in 2007, and led creation and passage of the Violence Against Women Act. Like anyone who was on the Senate for a long time, he has a massive track record which includes mistakes and compromise.

He should of course be held accountable for these mistakes, but trying to define his entire career in terms of them doesn’t contribute positively to the selection process.


“Joe Biden is no longer sniffing women’s hair on the campaign trail …” but I’m sure he’ still sucking up to Wall Street, The Pentagon and Big Oil. Because nobody cares about that.

If the Democrats select Biden, They’ll lose. I’ll vote for him, I’ll work for him, I’ll support him. And he’ll LOSE. Because never mind being Schrodinger’s Creep (“Is joe from an earlier, less uptight age or is he a full-on Creep?” “Can’t open the box to know, can’t know without opening the box.”), Biden is a Neocon Third Way post-Clinton piece of s**t who will bend over backwards for, say, gay Marriage while never making a single noise about Citizen’s United, Gerrymandering, for-profit prisons and Military Spending. And if I wanted a Republican, I’d vote for one.

Biden isn’t unelectable because he’s handsy uncle. He should be unelectable because of his awful positions, his awful policies and his awful past.



Ahh! So he’s sniffing rat hairs!

How the mighty have fallen.


You think Sanders is so different? Bernie voted against the Brady bill, supported H.J.Res. 64 (107th) authorizing military force in retaliation for 9/11, supported the NATO bombing in Kosovo in 1999, and BTW voted in favor of the 1994 crime bill mentioned in the Biden graphic.

Every long-serving legislator has crap like this in their records; if not they would be ineffectual, since the day-to-day job of being a senator or congressperson is to haggle and compromise. This is one of the reasons that it is so hard to run for president from this background, especially in these days of zero tolerance.

The reason Biden has so much support is that people are judging him based on the Obama administration. That isn’t such a bad basis, VPs who become President historically do tend to continue the policies from their VP days, regardless of their earlier stands. Obama was too centrist for the tastes of many of us, but he’s the best president we’ve had for many years.

I don’t intend to vote for Biden in the primary, but some of the criticism has been over the top.


Dude is sucking all of the air out of the room.
An argument could be made that the Turnip may have
produced a climate where some real change could occur.
I’ve not got that much of a problem with our nations creepy uncle,
“man of his time” and all that.
I just worry that he is standing in the way.

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And yet, this man who will be almost 80 years old when he’s sworn in is dead-set on the notion that he, more than anyone else in his party, is the best, most qualified, most representative candidate for president. This man who prohibited students from escaping their educational debt through bankruptcy. This man who praised Strom fucking Thurmond over desegregation. This man who thinks Dick Cheney is a decent person. This man who “doesn’t have time” to talk about health care policy, which is one of the biggest, most important topics of conversation amongst voters. This man wants to lead the Democratic party against Donald Trump.

He could very easily have avoided all of this fresh scrutiny of his lengthy record if he’d had the good sense to just go out on the high note of being the goofy gaffe-prone “Uncle Joe” VP to Obama. To borrow his own words, I have no empathy for him. If he wants to be president, he god damn well better fucking prove he deserves it.


Arrogant ambition is practically a defining quality of being a presidential candidate, whatever the age.


Could it be that he is exploiting the moment?

There once was a man from Delaware.
Who just loved to smell ladies’ hair.
Wherever he’d drift, he just had to sniff.
Because it made him feel tingly “down there.”