Joe Scarborough in WaPo Op-Ed: The slimy tsunami of bilge spewing from President Trump is hurting innocent people

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His policies that have been targeting innocent people since the beginning of his administration, and picking on individuals has been a popular pastime for many years. This is what you get when a spiteful, petty person is given a great deal of power. There’s no appealing to his better nature, because he doesn’t have one. The only way to stop it is to take away his power and his ability to publish his ranting and raving.


How do we use Trump’s most recent order against Trump ?

Or how do we bait Trump into making an executive order that binds Trump’s own hands ?


sociopathic obsession about a false story that is causing great pain to a dead woman’s family.

The cruelty is the point with this life-long bully who got his start as a child throwing rocks at a toddler.


It would fail in court, so any order he makes is just pandering to his base. The only way he could truly mess up here is if he’s so dumb as to send in the justice department to raid Twitter’s offices to find “evidence” of some imaginary crime. If he does that, he’s toast.

Now, if Congress would rescind section 230, he’d been in business. And Twitter would immediately delete his account. But, since it’s one of the few pieces of digital legislation that ACTUALLY works and provides protections for speech hosted by websites and their users, I don’t think the Dems would support any changes.


I’m not a lawyer, but one way I think this could play out:

Until it gets stayed, which I’m guessing will be coming pretty soon, could people who felt they were libeled by Trump’s tweets sue Twitter? Enough of those lawsuits may tip Trump’s presence on Twitter from being to Twitter’s benefit (bringing eyes to the platform) to their detriment (force Twitter’s legal team to respond to these suits.)

As soon as that happens, it would be to Twitter’s benefit to ban him. If the board resists, that could open them up to a lawsuit from shareholders claiming that their actions are not maximizing the value of the company as they are obligated to do.


This is well worth reading, although in a way it’s not really news anymore, it just condenses everything we’ve seen for the last several years into a more defined singular image.


I wonder if we’ll ever get op-eds from the folks like Scarborough who spent years as Trumps friends and promoters, all while he was a vile, racist piece of shit, explaining why it was they liked him in the first place?

Perhaps it would be more honest, if not honorable for the Scarboroughs of the world to ask themselves why they were attracted to someone like Trump in the first place, and how that mindset might have pushed our country to the place we now find ourselves.




Easy. Just point out that it applies to Fox News / OAN / etc online forums as well as Twitter / Facebook.


I don’t think there’s much reason to believe that they intend that will be the case.


Any way to read the article without paying for the WP?


Try a Private/Incognito window.


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everything with him is unfettered impulses of destruction and “revenge” - I mean his whole presidency is built around undoing everything obama did because of insults at the Correspondents Dinner, it’s as vicious as possible, even the smallest improvements are found and undone

I wonder if trumpkins realizes they are going to need armed guards around his grave for decades to try to stop people from destroying it

then we’ve got the rest of his family to deal with for the rest of this nightmare of a decade, someone is going to try to use that name and run again sooner or later


Did so; didnt work.


disable javascript for wapo, I have no problems reading anything there

or in ublock turn off “1st party scripts” for the website

High profile dems already are in the process of trying to gut section 230. We talk about the EARN IT Act as an attack on encryption, but the bill, cosponsored by Feinstein, would allow Barr to set best practices that could help Trump use this as a real threat.

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