John Bergin goes pop-art post-apocalypse in new Wednesday comic


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I read that as “Wendy’s” comic, what with the red-head and all. And was thinking “Wow… burger commercials are getting pretty gritty these days.”

Wow, thanks for the reminder – I’m now listening to the album (not available on Spotify) [some, if not all, of the tracks are from vinyl. There are skips and pops. If that’s how you like your alt-electronica.]

This is great news! I’d like to add, John Bergin is one of the biggest creative influencers of my life. I was taken with his comic book work back in the late 80’s and we were even pen-pals for a time. He’s a tremendous talent and incredibly generous spirit!

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Looks cool but I believe he could use a bit of photo reference for that engine.

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