John Cusack in hacker-land



Gosh, how can you stand a life of such boredom and banality, so far from where the future is unfolding?


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Thanks to this post, my imagination now assumes that EFF headquarters is located in some sort of impenetrable fortress on a mountaintop. Probably with a tower. And a moat full of bio-mechanical crocodiles.


Cusack has always seemed like a cool cat, even with our limited view of him via the big screen. Would that other movie stars were as interesting and engaged in the world as he appears to be. Also, thumbs up to the phrase, “Soylent Me”.


Considering all the hype BB has threaded about NSA, this one about EFF as HACKERLAND, isn’t that drawing attention too yourself? It is good too have goals and money too do awesome things, although, HackerLand = EFF sounds like asking for trouble.

Hiding in John Galt’s valley might work for awhile. Nice movie plug on “The Butler” BTW.

Check out his twitter stream, to reinforce that view. He’s not one to shy away from important issues.

It’s definitely not contracted out to some PR hack like some are.

2600 fone on the wall? I also really like the idea of the podcast, the two of them with their notoriety and access asking the hard questions would make for outstanding material,

He has too be whom he is, Twitter not withstanding.

No worries, I was glib on the plug, spinning a web. Your a nice catch arachnid.

Thank you Xeni for this lovely post. This was pretty much full of awesome.

Two Dollars! I want my Two Dollars!!!

John Cusack is an interesting guy. When I first got on twitter, his account didn’t have his name or picture on it, I just followed it because it was neat. Then he started talking about hot tub time machine coming out, & it was weird to realize who I’d been talking to for 6 months.

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I wish we would move away from “hacker-land” and “Hackertown”-like references. A lot of people see titles like that and think the subject doesn’t apply to them, or that it’s beyond them.

Great post.
But as much as I love the story of Picasso and his anti-art-establishment stance, I can’t seem to find any reference to it anywhere other than in Cusack’s tweet ( Could that beautiful story be nothing more than an urban legend? I’d love to be proven wrong on that one.

I got a text hit on the search phrase from the book “Life with Picasso” by Francoise Gilot. Looks like page 197.

Francoise Gilot met Picasso during the German occupation of Paris, she was twenty-one, he was sixty-two. For nearly a decade, Gilot shared her life with this giant of the art world, giving birth to two of his children, working as his model, and sharing his world.

Also: diiiizamn? 21 and 62?

Thanks for the reply.

After a little more snooping around I found that the anecdote is mentioned in part in “Guernica: The Biography of a 20th Century Icon” by Gijs van Hensbergen. Read it here:

We’d have to have a copy of the biography to read where the book’s author found it himself.

Well, as I said, I got a direct hit on the text from the book I cited. Try doing this search:“I+translated+the+cable+for+Pablo+and+then+read+him+Kahnweiler’s+letter”

Then look for the link that says “Full text of ‘Life with Picasso’” from the Internet Archive, then use the drop down arrow to the left of the green link text to get the Google cached version

Then search for the phrase. Here’s a screenshot of me doing so:

God bless the Internet Archive, man.

And may the Gods of the Web’s Interstitial Spaces bless you.
Great job tracking that text down.

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