John Oliver on Apple vs FBI and the new crypto wars


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“The uploader has not made this video available in your country”

More like “The Man” doesn’t want me to see it!


This is what I imagine is going on inside my iPhone.


Version here:


I’m waiting for this:


That may be the best representation of software developers in their native habitat that I have ever seen in media.

Well done, Mr. Oliver. Well done.


Damn now Gary’s going to know about my Rule 34 fetish…



Nice attempt at steganography at 9:46, Mr. Oliver, or should I say, Dread Pirate Johann? Too bad it was so obvious. Now if only we could decrypt it…


Watched this episode last night. Felt like Oliver did a really good job of outlining the issue in a way that pretty much anyone can relate to it.


“Join us as we dance madly on the edge of the volcano.”



Thus “The Man” is defeated!


But it’s cool with Der Mann, apparently, mein VPN sagt YouTube ich bin in Deutschland. :slight_smile:


Just watched it.

We’re fucked, man.

The NSA already has all this shit.



More like:


So one interesting takeaway from watching that was that Lindsay Graham, though his initial reaction was that of a reflexive authoritarian who has no understanding of the underlying issues, he actually talked to some experts to try to understand what was going on, and actually changed his position.

That puts him one up on Obama or Clinton, both of whom have very strong authoritarian instincts and don’t seem to be capable of thinking quantitatively. (or else they’re just lying. I’m not really sure which it is, in either case)

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