John Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth, hospitalized in declining health at 95


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Fuck you 2016, you can’t have him!


He sounds more fit than me.


Thank the multidimensional AI god for hero-adventurers like John Glenn!


How is ANY 95 year old NOT in declining health? The fact that he’s lead the life he has…and is still active and doing things the rest of us only wish we could do is amazing.

And yet, I understand living and never getting enough…


Be well Space Ranger.


I knew a 98 year old that rototilled his own garden.


I kind of lost track of Glenn a decade or so ago. I guess he quietly exited public life as infirmity and age limited him.

Well, 95 isn’t terrible, and he had a remarkable career and effect on his country.



Glenn’s trip into orbit at 77 was used as a pretext for attempts to raise retirement ages to 70.

He deserves better than that.


Admittedly, few are getting better at that age. Or for that matter for thirty or forty younger.

Still, some are a lot sounder than you’d believe. $HERSELF recounts an black farmer in Virginia she saw in hospital in the 70s – dude was in his 90s and was hospitalized after being (IIRC) injuries from being kicked by a mule. On release, he went back to working on the farm same as ever. Didn’t really surprise her, given one of her uncles died at 95 after being thrown from a horse while working his ranch.


He was the first person I ever cast a vote for for President, in the 1984 primaries, and maybe the finest human being I ever cast a vote for. A pity that more in public service today aren’t like him. Godspeed indeed, sir.


Though it is true that being first American to complete an orbit of the Earth is a unique accomplishment, you’d think 25 years in the Senate would at least rate a mention.


Sad news indeed. Back in 1998, I drove to Florida just to see his final journey into space, when Glenn was aboard the Discovery mission STS-95. Feeling the earth shake as I watched that rocket fly into space is something I’ll never forget.


John Glenn was one of my heroes when I was a kid. I got his autograph when I was a Senate Page - he was a Senator from Ohio at the time. What a wonderful human being!


He’s died. :frowning:




How is Buzz Aldrin doing?


I don’t want to look, last I heard he was being evacuated…




ZOMG his Doctors name is David Bowie. What the hell!? That’s enough synchronicity 2016. ENOUGH!

ETA: These guys are all so inspirational. They took the bull by the horns in a way that might never be repeated.

We owe them all such a huge debt of gratitude.

I hope the human race remembers them for a million years.