John Mulaney explains why becoming just like his dad has helped his act

Originally published at: John Mulaney explains why becoming just like his dad has helped his act | Boing Boing

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John Mulaney would have been the whitest male comedian in the 1950s. That he’s got any kind of career at all now is a true comedy mystery.

He’s got great pacing, and that makes him a very good comedian in my book regardless of race or gender. His last kid show special sucked though.

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I mean - that shtick is part of what makes him so funny.

Plus, he’s partial responsible for this SNL sketch, which is one of the greatest of all time…


I don’t know, I kind of like his stuff. I thought this really summed up the last guy. I enjoyed his last couple standup specials.

As far as becoming your parents I’ll bet a lot of people work very hard to not become their parents even a tiny bit.

But if you’re fortunate to have parents you want to become then you probably welcome that transition.

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I think he’s quite funny, but if I was going to talk shit about him, it would be more about him leaving his wife as soon as he got out of rehab and immediately getting Olivia Munn pregnant.

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I mean, it’s not a great thing to do, but they might have been on the rocks well before the split. We’re not really privy to the whole situation, so… And there are far worse. He could have gone on a transphobic tear or jerked off in front of some women working for him.


Totally, although those are some pretty low bars to set.
I knew my comment might be a bit “celebrity gossip”-y for this site, but my personal struggles in life have soured me a bit to “adorable accidental celebrity babies”.


I mean… yeah… but at this point, given how shit is going for making actual progress on women’s rights, I’ll take whatever small tiny little victories that we can get.

Oh no worries about that. I took it in the spirit you intended I believe.

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