John Oliver on Facebook's role in fomenting genocide, pogroms and authoritarianism.: "a toilet"


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Any reasonable person would have to agree FB is synonymous with a filthy latrine, but a digital filthy latrine.



I was just watching this Cory. Stop stealing my stream dude!


DNFTFY: you totally spelled



An outhouse built over a geyser?


It was fine, if a bit of a waste of time, until it implemented algorithmic news feeds. To be fair to Facebook, the same is true for every service that started out with an RSS-style chronological feed and switched to a bunch of dumb rules to optimize grabbing your attention. Once it became a feed of the most polarizing, divisive crap on the Internet, it was a quick race to the bottom and it didn’t care what damage it did.


I made a small tweak to Facebook’s motto:


There, FTFY


Imagine if there was a magazine or newspaper back in the olden days, and it got very popular, but after a couple of years it turned into a boring, enraging, unspeakable cesspit. People might get worked up about that; the Murdoch papers (for example) are indeed a cancer on many societies. But no one thinks they have to buy the Sun. No one is asking what is the most responsible way for the government to promote the New York Post.

We all know we could survive – that nothing would be very different – without Facebook. So it becomes increasingly urgent to ask why we’re choosing not to.

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