John Oliver on Trump's love affair with far-right news network, OAN

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Fascists gonna be Fascist


"This completes the merger between Russian state-sponsored propaganda and American conservative media.”


OAN = Nazi



Kudos for including Backpfeifengesicht.


You know, I think they started playing that shit on the KC market. Oddly, unless I was listening to the wrong show, it seems rather left leaning in a lot of the commentary, and there were several times I heard black rights/voices as the topics of the day. Granted I’d listen for 10 min snippets on the way home from work, and when I heard “Sputnik Radio”, I was like, wait, wut?

I don’t think that station plays it at 6pm any more. But unless I was listening to a different show, it didn’t have the right wing bent I expected. It seemed sort of subversive left?

I may be totally off on this.

Googling it I can’t confirm or refute as I can’t find a snippet of the voices I heard.

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I wish the rest of the press corps would do the Chinese eye roll whenever he picks OAN to ask a question.


I misheard John, he said:

Trump has made no secret…

I heard:

Chompers made no secret…

Now I really want to know the back-story as to why John offhandedly gave Trump that nick-name.

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Looking at the wikipedia article, it looks like it tries to appeal to different groups at different times of the day and week. The one common theme I can spot is that they tend to lean authoritarian, as lib-socs and an-coms are very vocal about their dislike of the Russian government (or any kind of government that isn’t directly run by the people)

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