White supremacist Bannon removed from National Security Council


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Gosh. It’s as though there’s some kind of system in place that’s independent of the Presidency. Who knew?


It would be a good sign if McMaster told Trump Bannon had to go.


How has Breitbart responded?


Previously undisclosed Russia connections to be revealed in 5… 4… 3…


He was probably bummed after getting clearance and finding out his wildest conspiracies fantasies weren’t reality. Takes all the fun out of the game, or somethin’…


Bets on Bannon having a black eye with the imprint of McMaster’s West Point ring on it?


Events up to now suggest that McMaster doesn’t have that strong an influence.


Well, there goes my theory.


That may not matter much. Isn’t he effectively running his own shadow NSC? And he’s got more pull with Trump than McMaster or anyone on the real one.




What dark magic is this? Do you have to buy 55 gallon drums of butteroid? or can you just stick a stick of butter in there and it’ll vape it for you? asking for a friend, but what might happen if your butter would be infused with herbs and, uh, spices?

I would guess that the people who aren’t crazy are not crazy about taking orders from an unelected sh!theel like Bannon. Plus I think we are about o find out he too was talking w the Russians (or maybe ‘investors’ in Breitbart?)


i hope he didn’t let the door hit him in the ass on the way out!


Perhaps there was a hidden adult in the room?



That stuttering mess on the far right:



Well Breitbart has been responsible for elevating a lot of bullshit originating at RT. And most of the knuckleheads with Russian connections we keep hearing about are tied in some way to RT.

A fair bit of the way Russia “hacked” our election (in the less literal sense of the word) was by creating, elevating, and ceaselessly pushing BS pseudo news. They used social media and questionable News orgs (on both sides) to mutate the conversation and coverage of everything. Bot Army and all that. Brietfart and info Wars are at the heart of that. And at least some portion of the congressional investigations seems to be focused on that media manipulation.


That was my first thought too!