Bannon leaves Breitbart


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Bannon was a better strategist than trump is a president. Let’s hope mr trump falls even faster.


Funny how natural it looks. For him.


A GATE outside a large Bay Area estate, 9:20PM PST, 9 Jan 2018

[What at first glance seems to be dishevelled derelict but is, in fact, STEVE BANNON stumbles up to the INTERCOM and buzzes it]

MAJORDOMO [V/O]: Yessss?

BANNON: I really need to talk to Pete … I mean Mr. Thiel.

[cut to SECURITY CAMERA turning and zooming in on BANNON, then back to main shot]

MAJORDOMO [V/O]: I’m sorry sir, but you’ll have to sell your blood at another facility. Mr. Thiel is very particular about the age and health of the donor…

BANNON: No, wait! That’s not why I’m here. It’s business…

MAJORDOMO [V/O]: Well the orgy isn’t until to-morrow and the poppers were already delivered by another … vendor, so…

BANNON: Please! Oh, wait, I forgot to show you…

[BANNON removes his stained coat, revealing a Nazi armband. A beat, and then the GATE swings open]



No more sugar daddy- better apply for section 8.


I’m very surprised that remarks about Don Jr would have been the issue. General failure-to-stay-on-message? Sure. But I don’t remember junior ever being a major topic. Nobody seems all that impressed and Ivanka and Jared are the family connections who get all the notice.

Is the whole not-collusion just too much of a sore point? Are there truly crazed loyalists out there who not only expect a dynasty but expect the idiot child to be next in line?



Posted just because it’s fun to look at:

“Steps down”, heh.


( ••) ( ••)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
a-Bannon-ing ship.



Having had little experience with Breitbart, I thought it was largely synonymous with Bannon. With him gone, what’s left?

Seems to me I haven’t heard much of the likes of O’Reilly, Beck, or Yiannopoulos since their high-profile flameouts; I reckon Bannon will go the same way. Then again, I haven’t heard of Limbaugh in quite some time either, and he’s up to his same old tricks, isn’t he? I’m probably just not paying attention – or rather, the things I do pay attention to stopped paying them attention


Perhaps in combo with this:

“According to Jane Mayer, who chronicled the Mercers’ grip on right-wing politics in her book “Dark Money,” the Republican donors actually severed ties with Bannon months ago over his proposal to create a top income-tax rate of 44 percent for Americans earning more than $5 million annually — a proposal that would have directly impacted the Mercer family.”

Never bite the hand that feeds you.


“Bannon leaves Breitbart”






Keep eating your own, you fucking morons. That’ll disguise the fact that everybody else hates you.


I actually didn’t notice til you pointed it out.


Before that it was entirely synonymous and eponymous with Andrew Breitbart, until his heart exploded at the age of 43 in a cocaine related mishap in his kitchen.*

*I have no evidence that this is true, but it gives me great joy to propound this rumor.


Before Bannon, Breitbart was a racist, xenophobic institution. (See, e.g., its “news” section titled “Black Crime.”) It continued to be so under Bannon, and will continue to be so now that Bannon is gone.


“Steve Bannon was asked to remove himself from his place of residence; that request came from his wife. Deep down, he knew she was right, but he also knew that some day he would return to her.”