John Oliver sets the record straight

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I’d love to have Scott Adams weigh in on John Oliver’s prowess as a hypnotist vs President “Master Persuader”.


So that guy thinks that there are “right people” to have control of mass-conditioning techniques? Talk about saying the quiet part loud.


Comedically deficient analysts reverse engineer humor.


John’s a good chap.


Deeply conservative psychologists? Posting on 4chan?

Let’s just say I have my doubts about the honesty of this post.


These are the pseudo-intellectual hoops you have to jump through to convince yourself that people are being hypnotized by John Oliver rather than entertained and may otherwise have already agreed with and had been somewhat informed on the topics presented. It also assumes that no one ever delves further into the topics after the show is over to learn more or fact check. It’s just this blind sheep narrative because they don’t want to imagine anyone legitimately disagrees with them after thoughtful analysis.


So that’s why I have developed an overwhelming attraction to Steve Mnuchin…


Also: Fuck Scott Adams.


Mass hypnosis for political ends, Satire… Po-tay-toe, po-tah-toh…

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I suppose you’d need the amount of spin in this person’s post to achieve the amount of centrifugal force necessary to reach as far as it does…


He’s been totally cracked for years.

(I don’t have time to play the “it’s just an act that he plays” game. You are who you pretend to be. The rehabilitation line starts way back there. Take a number.)

eta: The earliest Wayback capture of that page is 2017-11-30. That seems fishy somehow.


Professionals. The best people.


I remember one of his books, can’t remember which one, that finished with his personal recommendation of psychic assertion. At the time it seemed understandable, he was clutching at straws during a cancer scare, that’s cool, we get it. Now… hmm.

FWIW: It was fully archived on August 20, 2015

The part before the jumpline was archived on August 18, 2015

(No impact on fishiness of content, only on timing.)

I don’t know about the “hypnosis” bit, but this deconstruction of the show’s formula is spot on. There is always a joke which is presented as analogous to the issue to be discussed, but is not at all. It just serves to signal to the audience that any opposing arguments or justifications are ridiculous and worthy only of derision. This substitutes for actual critical analysis. “Hey, it’s comedy!” Sure, but it comes across as disingenuous at best, and nefarious at worst.

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