John Oliver's got a few choice words for FOX News


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I believe these operations were conducted by deep cover Republican agents with the purpose of creating violent criminal scenarios that could be interpreted as Democrat false flag operations.


Remember the 70s, when the most convenient thing for unstable people to latch onto before Trump was UFOs?


Fake news! The Democrats did it - all of them! They just wanted to make it look like the Republicans were trying to make the Democrats look bad by… wait, where was I again?


I like John Oliver but ugh, I just can’t laugh about this shit.


The Double-False-Flag?

The Triple-False-Flag!?!


Fox News really has created their own alternate reality. Or I guess “alternative to reality.”





… is that too harsh? I just don’t know anymore.


And this is soooooo off topic, but I went looking for the L&O “bong bong” theme, and found this gem;


So much better than the actual intro. I’ve been going through the trek archive on netflix for the last several months, and ye gods those intros waste nearly two minutes of broadcast time. Luckily there’s the skip intro button, a lifesaver.


Cheap time filler and what alternative did you have except setting your VCR? Modern media brings a whole new meaning to “pro choice”. DS9 was uneven, but when it was good it was the best ST.


Knew as soon as the suspect appeared to be a big Trump guy that the false flag theory would be out there. Still pretty shocked at the extent to which Fox gave it credence. In left land we sure like to make fun of it but there are a lot of TVs out there, in private and public places like bars and restaurants and miscellaneous waiting rooms tuned in to Fox news 24/7, and lots of people who take it for an authority without question at all which is scary.


The Fox News business plan:

  1. Make wild claim that only makes sense while the evidence is incomplete
  2. Wait a few days for the investigation to work itself out with a sensible outcome
  3. Retract the wild claim in a far less public way than it was originally made
  4. Continue to profit!

As much as I’d like to see Fox News HQ burned to the ground with all it’s staff locked inside, they’ve figured out what ain’t broke and they aren’t fixing it.


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