Legitimate Political Discourse: The TV show

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About right, and this is exactly how Faux, OANN and other Russian propaganda outlets will paint it.


Just as there still are people who think WMD:s were found in Iraq.


The corporate media are so obsessed with being the “first draft of history” that they’ve lost sight of the fact that (if we’re lucky) the later drafts will judge them for their bothsidesism and willful blindness as harshly as current history does the Weimar press.


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If the GOP wants us to believe their propaganda that all those BLM protests that turned violent when the police intervened were designed to be violent from the start, then perhaps they shouldn’t be describing Jan. 6th as “legitimate political discourse.”


There must have been a difference, though. I can’t white put my finger on it. Just can Nazi why these groups are so different. I guess political affiliation trumps all, eh?


while i was doing my physical therapy this morning the television they have in the fitness center that stays tuned to faux news had a scare headline “biden’s border crisis” which was about the russia-ukraine situation. when i had first seen the headline i thought they were drumming something up about our southern border or maybe talking about the truck convoy in canada but no, the russia-ukraine border. how that can be laid at biden’s feet i’d like to know.


are you sure you don’t mean “the first daft of history”?


Faux News is designed to upset and stress out people (especially the elderly). It’s counter-productive for a physical therapy centre to play it. Maybe ask them to tune the TVs to something more pleasant and relaxing (you may find out that, as with many small venues, they won’t because News Corp pays them to promote their propaganda outlet).


That’s why I always bring my TV-B-Gone to any appointments where there might be a television.


they have five television sets, each set to a different channel–fox, cnn, ion, hgtv, and espn. the volume is turned off and they have closed captions running on each.

all of the doctor’s offices in my town which have a tv in their waiting room have it set to fox. there was one time i was waiting and some extreme blowhard was making some extravagantly false claims. since i was the only patient at the time i went to the receptionist and said:
“would you please turn that television off?”
“off?” she said
i replied in a soft but determined tone “yes, off. if i have to listen to that lying sack of shit on that rotten propaganda channel for one more minute i’m going to have a stroke and you’re going to have to call an ambulance.”

she flinched and turned it off.


Ours play cartoons. Much nicer!


I can attest to that. The year’s 2010, location is an ICU waiting room and the TV keeps being tuned to Faux. The constant exposure to fearmongering garbage gets into your head and you can feel it trying to shut down rational thought. Contributed to an atmosphere of dread during an already stressful time. Why anyone would seek out content so dire and fearful is beyond me.

I was so thankful that someone managed to change the channel and then thought to hide the remote from whoever it was that kept changing it back to Faux.


it’s like these jokes write themselves.

There are still people that think Iraq was behind 9/11, thanks to Fox.

The problem is, the GOP gives not a shit about consistency these days. The normalizing of holding multiple contradictory ideas about specific topics, e.g. Jan 6 or covid, proves that. No one blinks when, say, a member of congress declares, at various points, that covid isn’t serious, that Trump deserves credit for saving everyone from the deadly virus by coming up with the vaccine, that the vaccine itself is deadly and no one should take it… That Jan 6th was legitimate political discourse in support of Trump and those who participated in it are patriots, that it was organized by the FBI to entrap, that it was a false flag operation by Antifa, that insurrection was justified and morally right, etc.

Catching conservatives in double standards, blatant hypocrisy, even noting that they’re reversing their positions in the span of a single sentence - it doesn’t bother them. For them, any political stance is completely specific to the situation in question and exists only to advance conservative goals. Therefore it’s not seen as a problem that the position changes from moment to moment as the topic changes - in fact, it’s required.


Not to mention that a US court has held Iran responsible.


My GP plays HGTV, the rest are all on medical information channels or don’t have a TV on.