John Waters hosts formal dinner in Provincetown dump

Originally published at: John Waters hosts formal dinner in Provincetown dump | Boing Boing


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Was it infested with bachelorette parties?

Asking for a friend.


“…the meal began with two cubes of cheese served on a sprung mouse trap.”

Did they have to be sprung?

“…he was joined by “a mother and her daughter, and there was a biker type with his girlfriend who owned a porno shop in Alabama—it’s a mixed group. I’ve always been against separatism.” Waters added that he finds it “so amazing, just the mix of people” who show up. “I love it when we have all different kinds of people together in a situation that right off they’ve accepted.”

Bravo, sir. I wish I’d attended.


Sounds like my kind of dinner party, sorry I missed.

I’ve got a Polyester Odorama card stashed away somewhere. It’s probably tucked into one of John’s books.

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