JOHN WILCOCK: A Xmas Letter From Hunter S. Thompson

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Do you think HST was serious about that potato thing, or just jamming (making up alarming shit to distract surveillance)?


­ ­ Yes.


By dawn the next morning, it was easy to see why we lost. Almost thirty of the town’s most infamous heads, who had mocked our efforts as “politics is bullshit” had either failed to register, refused to voted, or were simply too stoned to make it to the polls.

“Hey, ma-a-an, we don’t have to do nothing in your styoud election. Who cares who wins, it’s not like I’m gonna be priced out of Aspen by multi-millionaires or hassled by the cops who serve The Man or anything. I’m just gonna stay home and smoke some weed…”


Hunter Thompson 44



Last I heard, people in Aspen were trying to figure out how to negotiate the twice daily traffic jams through the valley and deal with the exhaust from all the motor vehicles. But that was a decade and more ago and they may have figured it out since then (maybe).


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