JOHN WILCOCK: The Day I Turned Down The Beatles




I’m pretty sure George didn’t look like a corpse IRL.


I couldn’t really focus on anything but the Beatles caricatures. They were so strange but I couldn’t stop looking at them.


Yeah, this article should probably have been held for a few months after the Treacher-Collins post. :frowning:


Not to be a jerk,… Well, okay, maybe it will come off that way… But attention any surviving baby boomers, and other beatle worshipsers.;… They were a pop band, which ripped of some American soul R&B and sounds, and also benefited from the early engineering prowess of Alan Parsons.

NOW they were a huge cultureal milestone, but that has nothing at all to do with the, but rather with when they came along, and how they were perceived by the popular culture, see also Jesus Jones… Not suggesting they were as talented as the Beatles, but the produced a track which will forever be remembered by a certain generation, despite being essentially some random pop band. (See also, Ringo, George John, and the other Beatle,)


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