Johns Hopkins psychedelics research keeps finding medical uses

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To Dr. Richard Schulte, where so ever you are.
Dear Sir,

Thank you for all your countless hours of labor, travel, teachings, and foresight. You have left us with a legacy that may yet help human beings heal themselves and reconnect with the sacredness of all life, including this beautiful, imperiled, living planet.

You are keenly missed, but not forgotten.

We will keep track of Wade Davis, one of your students, whose laudable work continues to amaze. Medicinal indeed.

Dear Spirit of Terence McKenna,

Thanks. You knew.
We knew you knew.
Now more know. And more will know.

With gratitude,
A human being with eyes and heart open


Psilocybin obliterated my depression after one session. This therapeutic effect held steady for about five months.

One dose, 100% efficacy, for five months. That is orders of magnitude beyond any prescription antidepressant on the market.


Maybe we should take a tip from the government/DEA and reclassify the useful psychedelics with a new name that can mean anything we want it to.

You know what I mean, right? Think of the legal definition of “Narcotic” rather than the medical one.

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…That makes sense now.

Well, no, not really, but now I know why some substances are considered “narcotics” when they have no sedative properties: it’s because the people writing the laws don’t care about naming things properly.

Yet another reason to insist on the end of the War on Drugs: even the terminology is stupid.


Humanity: Better living through chemistry.

Pharmaceuticals Companies: Better profits through our chemistry.

May I present to you our roadblock.

…it’s because the pharmaceutical companies writing the laws don’t care about naming things properly.


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No, no, no.

They care about not naming things properly. They know what the correct names are, and want to use scary names like “narcotics.”

It’s the politicians who just plain don’t care if the names being used are technically correct or not.


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