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Well done!


I tried, but apparently there’s an account set up using my email address already. And phone number. And home address.


Yes. But they also created it with your passwords. All of them.


I’d join but I am already on Tempora.

Do you think it would be possible for them to work together? I don’t think it would cost PRSM more than about £100M.

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This is brilliant! Bravo EFF. Hopefully everyone will share this (or maybe they already did and didn’t know it…) :smiley:


The best part is that by viewing the site, you are already sharing.
It’s like one button sharing, but without the button!


…and biometrics for security and convenience!


Yea the one problem I’m having with prism so far is actually searching that data and find things i"m hoping there’s backups of I can’t find.

I know staff has access to search features so what is it stuck in development til they get a proper intuitive user interface? I… dunno.

Bravo EFF. Bravo.

Also by not viewing the site.

I found that filing a Freedom of Information Request every time I want to browse my vacation photos got a little tiring, though.

But at least lots of other people get to see them, and that’s what counts, right?

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If you like PRSM, you might also like MyNSA: Google for the Private Web, now out of stealth mode. Like the Internet, the initial R&D and investment were made with taxpayer dollars. Hopefully MyNSA will follow the trajectory ARPANET did, becoming a public resource, used by the citizens of the world.

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