Joined by 47 Republicans, House Democrats codify gay marriage in legislation

Interesting. It doesn’t appear that the bill actually compel states to issue licenses for interracial or same-sex marriages, but clarifies that the full faith in credit clause applies and that federal laws must recognize any marriages that a state does.

While the practical effect is similar it’s certainly not a federal protection of gay marriage. It’s hard to see how anyone could see this as anything but re-affirming what is already literally written in the constitution, but I know that so-called textualists are pretty good at ignoring the parts of the text they don’t like.


Well this led to a full rabbit hole of discovery about this fucked up polygamous cult! Will give that documentary a watch when I can stand to be outraged. Gotta portion and manage the obviously rage inducing content!

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Yeah I would have found DOMA in violation of the Full Faith and Credit requirement in the constitution, and yet, there it was. I really would be a better supreme court justice than most of the people who have held the position.

Among other things it finally repeals DOMA, which Congress never got around to doing before. Thomas and other conservative justices have already signaled that they believe that Obergefell was wrongly decided, so best to get that law off the books ASAP for both practical reasons and as a statement of values. Some states belatedly repealed anti miscegenation laws even after Loving stopped their enforcement.

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