Jon Stewart slams the GOP's performative patriotism

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In my lifetime I’ve slowly watched the GOP turn into an hyper-exaggerated parody of their worst aspects.

Fucking surreal.


trump humping the flag is a masterpiece of the genre.


They believe in the constitution the same way they believe in the Bible. They think they are divine documents delivered by god and not written by human beings. They also believe both say that they can do things and other people cannot.

They can say whatever they want, you cannot. Free speech for them, not you.

They can attack violently under right of assembly but you cannot march in protest.

They can have guns and shoot people but you cannot regulate their militias.

They can have a freedom for their religion, but you cannot practice yours.

They can have a president immune to all laws but you cannot have checks and balances.

The constitution for them is a document to wave around like Trump waves around a Bible but like Trump and the Bible, the constitution should not be read, understood and followed.


Yeah… I think that since the Constitution and “Biblical Law” or whatever it is, are administered as interpretations of sacred texts that there’s a very real contingent of people who intend to run this country the way they run their congregations which should terrify people because some of them really run their congregations like cults and cartels.

Allowing people like that unfettered control to interpret all our fundamental laws… I mean… more than ever I realize just how much secular and non-Christian voices need representation in politics in the US. We act like having a single atheist or Muslim around will rock the boat but then don’t bat an eyelash when a whole political party gorges itself on the idea of a Theocratic Dictatorship and goes mainstream with the proposition.


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I’ve had Sirius now SiriusXM for a really long time. I generally listen to music in my car or at home.
I have to laugh that these are the two “liberal and conservative” talk channels - I’ve never listened to either of them, FWIW.

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