Colbert Hijacks Mic at RNC


Sorry for the quality, but this has to be seen to be believed.


No way…

*watches clip



“I know I’m not supposed to be up here, but let’s be honest - neither is Donald Trump”

Colbert is the greatest.


Wow, all of the angry trump fans in the comments.



And so in denial, too!

I gotta wonder what it’s like to live in a worldview that is so divorced from reality. Like, for example, the degree of willful ignorance and projection it takes to claim that, as Steven Colbert is a liberal Democrat, he’s apparently more likely to shoot up the place than the Open Carry Republicans. I don’t care what your views are regarding gun control, the sheer amount of “Huh? What planet do you live on?” with that statement is just… wow.



The cognitive dissonance is real.


I’ve been using a plugin to block you-tube comments for the last 6 years. Maybe I should… No, I think I’ll just leave it alone.


It was kind of a childish thing for him to do. The fact that Trump has decided to prank the Republican Party doesn’t mean the rest of us have to treat the system with the same lack of respect.


As an outsider, I certainly view the American political system with…respect


This entire election campaign has been childish; to treat any of it with any sort of gravitas is to lend legitimacy to a farce.

If it’s to be panem et circenses, then let it be ‘full measure.’

November can’t come soon enough…


I don’t really feel like getting into an argument about this, but our political system is fine, and has been even when people tried to game or break it, like Nixon and Reagan did. The idea that Washington is fucked up and the system doesn’t deserve respect, these are right-wing talking points cynically designed to reduce public confidence in the government, and therefore reduce public power, and I categorically reject them.

Trump is a joke, but he isn’t the political system’s fault, he’s the guy GOP voters wanted, and the guy who personifies qualities GOP leadership has been telling their voters for 30 years they want (even if they didn’t believe it themselves).

I don’t have a problem with poking fun at the system - we’ve been doing it for over 100 years - but sneaking onto your opponents’ stage to mock them the way Colbert did is just sad.


I agreed until your last point, but a little guerrilla comedy never hurt anyone.



Colbert is paid to be a jester, it’s exactly the sort of thing he should do.


Colbert is too established a figure for it to work as guerrilla comedy. If someone like Improv Everywhere had done it it might have worked better (though I also think they would have found something more creative to do).


The current state of US politics is sad. Not funny-sad, tragic-sad.

Colbert isn’t sad; he’s just funny.


Donald Trump is one general election away from our nuclear codes. Does that sound ‘fine’?

I agree with you that the right-wing has proven masterful in using public skepticism of Washington to support their own ends. Thing is, the public’s skepticism is very well substantiated by the Republicans’ infantile obstructionism of the past eight years as well as the hopeless cat herding within the Democratic party.

That the right wing has been able to successfully spin this as evidence that we need ‘less government’ rather than a government that actually works is head-spinning. None of this invalidates their source material, which they’ve been working around the clock to generate.


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