Far-right Ann Coulter no longer trusts Trump, says only a few fanatics remain in his corner (video)

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Funny, since I’d say she’s one of the people responsible for creating Trump and the BS political climate we’re all dealing with in the first place. But of course, a wealthy white woman gets to just stop paying attention once she’s bored with the train wreck that SHE helped create.

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I assume this is all part of shifting the crown over to DeSantis, who is Not Trump in name only? In fact he’s probably a lot worse because he seems mildly competent.

The focus of the “Trump is Done” mantra is always on the man, never his ideas or policies. The cult of personality just needs a New Guy to prop up in front of their vile politics, which have only gotten worse since Former Guy.



Could be, but I think Coulter has been done with Trump for a while now (before Desantis got floated as a viable alternative).

Either way, it’s not his policies that she opposes, but the backlash he’s accrued. They’re losing the “independents” and they know it.


Trump himself does not like a loser and his followers like that kind of rhetoric. Even if the election was stolen, trump was incapable of stopping the system he promised he was going to fix. Loser.
Heck, they even started praising Florida as the second garden of Eden when Ron fought closing the beaches during the pandemic.

The deplorables I follow mostly seemed to forget about trump shortly after his loss, now they like him to be around just to keep triggering the libs… “rent free” kind of rhetoric.


washed up since he lost the 2020 election

“Washed up” because he lost, not because he was “washed up” long before he lost.

I’m sure she’s going in huge on Trump’s clone ( DeSantis ).


She’s just a fair weather fiend.




It’s so tough to tell. People keep saying imagine if Trump were competent, but it can’t be a coincidence that among so many right-wing politicians trying to destroy democracy, the one who did the most damage was the least competent one.


Yah that’s a good point. It may be that incompetence is necessary to fumble through life like that and be that generally evil. People used to say it would be bad if Trump died while in office because Pence was scarier for being more competent. Yet when the chips were really down, Pence did do the right thing where someone like Trump would not have.


I just think for some reason, everyone assumes that the right wing is good at playing nth dimensional chess, when the reality is that they are just bullies, who use intimidation and force, as well as their understanding of the rest of us as being willing to go by the rules, to get what they want. There are so many people who genuinely believe that Hitler was some kind of genius, but the reality is that he was just in the right place at the right time, with the right amount of force, and the right amount of support (and people who were more afraid of losing their wealth to a socialist government) to pull off what he did. These are not people who are brighter than anyone else - they are just more willing to break the rules we’ve all agreed to live by and to use violence to back that up when necessary. That’s why when people stand up to fascists, they back down.


Competence and general knowledge of how government works are only important assets if your goal is to affect change (good or bad) from within the system. That’s not the kind of danger Trump represents; he’s more of a “burn down the world if that means he can rule the ashes” kind of threat, and he has millions of death cultists who are willing to help him do it.

DeSantis is evil as fuck but he doesn’t have people lining up to lay down their very lives for him.


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I mean… He didn’t even have his own TV show! /s

He could of course, get a following, and he seems to have some fans in FL, but I don’t know if that translates to electoral success in a presidential run.



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Even in Florida he only won his last election by a margin of 0.4% so he’s not exactly a political superstar when it comes to support from the voters.


Oh good. I didn’t know that. Hopefully, he’ll lost to Crist in November…


here’s hoping!

and i’m voting!


My take as well. The old horse broke a leg. They found a new one to bet on.


Yet another rat fleeing the [hopefully] sinking ship.
Methinks she is looking for the next gifter [DeSatan, maybe?] to leech from, as well as trying to distance herself from her part in glorifying You Know Who.

That’s always been the case, but she seems to be underestimating their numbers. Wouldn’t be the first time she was wrong about something.

He hasn’t washed up anywhere, yet… we should be so lucky.