Josh Duggar sued by guy who claims Duggar used his photo on Ashley Madison


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Ah yes, those good Christian family values. And to think millions of suckers still take this family seriously.


He is a master.




Hey! #NotAllPrivilegedWhiteDudes are hypocritical d-bags… just enough that it’s a discernible pattern that makes you not want to just blindly trust them when they say they know what’s best for you and tell you how you should live your life.


Sure, more fuel to the fire.

But leagues less fucked up than the family protecting him from the consequences of molesting his sister.


Everything about this guy screams “genius.”


Acorn vs tree.


“I’m tired of being everybodies butt monkey”


“Verily, tis not a sin if you don’t believe it to be one in your heart.”

From the Book of Costanza


Does using someone else’s photo in your dating profile violate the commandment about bearing false witness?

If it does, I’m worried that young Josh may be treating the Commandments as a checklist rather than a list of prohibitions.


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