Josie and the Pussycats meet Satan in 1973

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“Force that Bible into her other hand”

Kinky, very kinky.


Best Chick tract crossover story ever.


The Exorcist made quite a splash when it was released in 1973 and I’m sure that Archie & the gang were just leveraging that interest. Go back a year before that and there’s probably a chess storyline to echo all the attention being given then to the Bobby Fischer / Boris Spassky matchup -


I seem to recall that the Archie comics in general, or at least a subset of them, took a fundamentalist Christian turn sometime around then. I remember coming across an Archie comic in a coffee shop in Holland Mich.(very religious town) that had a Chic-like plot in which a wicked girl gets badly, perhaps mortally, injured in a car accident, fears for her soul and Betty encourages her to pray with her. I never came across any others, but I found it pretty odd.


I had this dim recollection that Archie and the gang had been licensed to some or another Christian organization, and sure enough that’s what happened - see . It wasn’t “Archie Comics” but at the same time pretty hard to distinguish from them.

It’s unsettling, and a little embarrassing, that I remember so much about a comic book that I only vaguely remember having ever read -


My next door neighbors as a kid had a huge comic collection, so I was always over there reading. They had about 20 of those Archie/Christian crossover comics (they were pretty religious themselves), which even as a kid I thought were pretty weird. Then again, I was living on a tropical island with multiple religions, so Christianity was only one variety of weird available.

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This is exactly what I was going to say.

Wasn’t that about when The Exorcist came out?

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