Journalist deaths in the last decade, by country


It took me a while to understand that by “local reporters” the study was referring to reporters reporting about the country they lived in – I was wondering if at first that the life of the type of reporter that covers PTA meetings and Little League games was more dangerous than I thought.

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Needs more white.

Let’s see:

  • Spread peace and freedom in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan: check.
  • Forge greater cooperation with Pakistan to combat “terrorism”: check.
  • Actively engage Russia through Glasnost to encourage democracy: check.
  • Celebrate Golden Century of American support for the Philippines: check.
  • Claim complete victory in the War on Drugs in Mexico: check.

Benjamin Franklin would be so proud.

India I’m guessing is going to be largely about the Maoists, but Brazil is a bit of a puzzle: is this related to favela violence or anti-environmental terrorism in the Amazon?

Since the map doesn’t show per-capita numbers, Brazil might just be roughly on par with the rest of Latin America, with Mexico indeed on the high side.

The ones that really jump out at me are the Philippines, since I wasn’t aware that things were that bad there, and the US. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t have any detail that would tell me what the circumstances involved in the deaths of journalists in the US were, or whether that refers to the deaths of American journalists overseas.

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