Journalists told to stop stealing Air Force One pillowcases and plates

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Never mind the press corps, they had Trump and his people aboard for four years.

I think they should take an inventory of the seats and maybe the engines.


my stepdad (and very good friend) was an electrical engineer for Boeing. not sure the specifics, but he was aboard AF1 during Raygun’s time and had a ceramic coffee mug from the plane’s service. dark blue with gold rim and presidential seal.
he worked in BMAC and was engineer on EMP hardening strategic aircraft like AWACs. may have something to do with his flight.


Somewhere, I have a box of matches from Air Force One. Maybe from the Bush era? A relative was press for several presidential cycles.


Matches??? Must be 41 and not 43…


I think so. Started with Reagan, I think left the gig in Clinton years.

I would 100% steal everything in sight.


Hey, our tax dollars paid for that stuff-it might as well live at my house as the White House of the skies.


Why does the president need gold-rimmed plates? Are they better for anything?

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Sure - stealing!


Light shows in a microwave?


They make it easier to tell where the boundary of the plate is in low-light conditions.

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yup! stepdad’s mug taught me that!

journalists are tacky

I’m reading a book on pre war Japan. Apparently for imperial dinners with certain groups of people, the menu was routinely adjusted to be less lavish. To make up for all the silverware which was expected to be swiped.
Serve journalists only Folgers coffee?

Not allowed. Eighth Amendment. “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” My emphasis.

Hmm, I’m familiar with a former Air Force One pilot, one who met or flew seven Presidents, on Quora. I might have to ask him if this is a recent phenomenon or if it’s been a problem for decades.

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