Juan Gabriel covers Creedence Clearwater Revival with "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?"

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It sounds pretty fine to me, but what i do like a lot is that it’s a really interesting rendition of the song. Being a spanish speaker the song doesn’t come across as forced, some songs that get translated tend to have the problem that there’s something missing or off that’s hard to pin down. Juan Gabriel is not my cup of tea but great job :slight_smile:

Juan Gabriel is prolific AF, most talented person repping Ciudad Juarez :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m still waiting for a Kanye West + Juan Gabriel Collab.

I actually like songs translated to English. They tend to avoid cliché phrases and have interesting word choices. “99 Red Balloons” is a good example.


Gabriel’s song “Amor Eterno” was written as a tribute to his mother when she passed. I’m not sure if there are other versions, but this live version is the one that my wife introduced me to via a Chilean bootleg CD. The audience singing at 3:15 is full of feels.


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