Massive Attack's "Teadrop" on acoustic guitar


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Massive Attack with Blind Melon & Joy Division. No Teardrop Rain Will Tear Us Apart.

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Very nice.

Although, I guess it’s an “acoustic guitar,” but it’s not exactly an “acoustic cover” given the large amount of reverb and other additions that are being done between the microphone and the speakers.

Here’s Jose Gonzales:


Ugh, can people stop doing mash-ups based solely on cutesy titles?

There’s other ways to get some reverb for your acoustic covers, and as far as acoustic covers of Teardrop probably nothing beats this one:


It’s a great cover, but there’s a lot of manipulation here as well.
For the record I don’t think that’s bad, recording is a hobby of mine and you sort of learn that anytime you have more than one mic in the room it ceases to be a documentary of a performance and the recording must necessarily be another aspect of what reaches the listeners ears.

Sure, its a bit more “natural” sounding but I also think that actually seeing him in the video is part of what makes this seem less fake and overproduced even though there’s tons of reverb and delay and compression in the recording.

This is why I like you guys so much. How do you KNOW I like Massive Attack and acoustic guitar? How!!!? :smile:

The cutesy titles only come after all the mashing up has been done.

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