Comfortably Numb on acoustic guitar


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Fucking fantastic.



Acoustic PF is something that I wish that there was more of. The B Side of Meddle are some of my favorites.


That was lovely, but it was not just him. There was another guitar in there.


what kind of guitar is that?


I spent a long time watching this and learning to play it. This is the one thing that I can play really well so far.





Can’t really explain why, because I like the song, as well as this interpretation, but this scene kept running through my mind’s eye.


It’s okay, but it’s no Scissor Sisters.


Meddle is a wonderful album. :+1:


One of my Pandora stations kept suggesting that …


Good, it’s not just me. I was sure I was hearing more notes than I was seeing.

Also, what’s up with the faceless videos? It’s a huge thing on youtube - I have no idea why musicians want to hide their faces.


It’s probably a looped track rather than someone else playing with him.


As someone who learned to play guitar the right way, I really wish it was only him playing.


Speaking of playing the right way, though I don’t play, I thought it was bad form to rest your wrist on an acoustic as it mutes the sound from the box.


That is very juicy piece of wood. I love the way he bends.


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