Judge bans men who trespassed on Old Faithful geyser cone

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picturing the judge as @orenwolf.

also who goes to a judge to contest getting banned from somewhere, even a national park?

the gloves need to come off with these types, i’ve noticed a distinct shift in attitudes of people out in national parks/state forest recently.

i suspect that the era of gps and cell phones is bringing out people who frankly, don’t have the mettle to be hiking, camping, etc - if not for survival reasons because they require active supervision, and can’t just read a rule, go “oh that makes sense” and follow it.

i love breaking the rules, but only smart ones!


I read the “Boy Scout” post. The comments were a shitstorm of "whataboutism:

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I’m reminded of the Canadian adventurers/instagram influencers who never saw a “keep out” sign they could read and wound up spending a week in jail and getting banned from US federal lands for five years.

A couple of years later, two of them and a friend died in a waterfall mishap, though apparently not while venturing into a closed area.


found your problem :wink:

(present company excluded - I come to Reddit to bullshit and BB to conversate which is a real word)


Would it be easier to just let Darwin’s Law take it’s natural course next time? No muss, no fuss!


Nobody wants to see a beautiful natural wonder like Old Faithful marred by a bunch of stewed human corpses.


Hey, boiling hot geyser’s gotta eat too!


Did they? From the looks of things, they were cited and then pleaded guilty.

I would expect things like this happen frequently. News stories about injuries happen often enough; there must be plenty who get in trouble without getting injured first.

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i may have started the comment before reading the article and forgot to edit


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I like to bloviate.

Four boiling hot geezers.

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I can’t stand the British version The Office.


Yup. Nature’s way of culling the stupid - think of it as evolution in action.

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Seems I’ve read somewhere that Old Faithful was used at some point to wash clothes. Stuff 'em in, wait for 'em to come spewing out all nice and clean. Didn’t work at all with wool tho.


There have been a number of laundries that relied on the natural hot springs in Yellowstone. One, called Handkerchief Spring, was well known for tourists dumping in hankies, then burping them out in few minutes relatively clean. There was an apocryphal story about one boiling pool called Chinese Spring that was used as a laundry by an enterprising oriental gent. His business came to a steamy end when the spring had a violent eruption that flung the clothes he was washing all over him.

if you live in Nevada, getting banned from federal lands would hurt.


But if someone IS going to trespass, I might be OK with this outcome…

Thanks for the best news I’ve heard all day

I’m not. Someone has to clean up the mess.


this is on par with being stranded in hawaii by do not fly in that only conlaw scholars and internet commenters think about. i applaud your lateral thinking sir. the rest areas are privately owned, not clear how the highways are counted. godspeed!