Judge Engoron slaps Trump org again

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Judge Engoron is forced to make Trump org follow good business practices that your average Etsy seller obeys, again.


Next he’ll have to raise his hand to ask to go to the bathroom.


There have been reports recently about trump moving business out of NY to down South and other places. Supposedly setting up shop in new buildings costing millions. Maybe she can shut that sh*t down now.


Wouldn’t be surprised if this is in response to them playing shell games with the monitor. Forcing them to give the monitor more detailed information will help her see when shady shit is happening.


As a non-public company controlled by Trump, I would not be surprised at all if those internal controls were not up to snuff.


He’ll be fine if he is still wearing his Depends.


These enhanced monitoring terms by Engoron are wild.


Somehow, I don’t think trips to the salad bar are going to be a concern.


I used to work as a lowly peon for a start-up fintech company that ran a hedge fund (yes, I know, I’m sorry). Because the company’s activities could theoretically move the market, and because I might theoretically have insight into what the people running the hedge fund were doing, I had to arrange to have my financial statements sent directly to the compliance officer for monitoring. I had to go “hands-off” from my entire (modest) portfolio for the entire time I worked there: my financial adviser could buy and sell stocks on my behalf, but wasn’t allowed to talk to me about it. If I decided that I wanted to buy or sell a stock, I had to get prior authorization from the compliance officer. All this was in the name of preventing insider trading.

It always struck me as ironic that Trump and the members of Congress, who had not only insider knowledge about imminent political decisions but could make decisions that might radically affect the market or enrich themselves in other ways, were subject to no controls whatsoever on what they could do. And not only can members of Congress carry out what for anyone else would be insider trading, they do.

Congress has reportedly strongly resisted any efforts to make sure that members should be subject to insider trading regulations. Trump himself refused to take any meaningful measures to distance himself from control over his own companies, giving him near-total freedom to benefit from whatever knowledge he had or decisions he made.


They made Jimmy Carter sell his peanut farm.


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