Judge rejects lawsuit against Fox News by parents of Seth Rich, DNC staffer killed in 2016

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Basically there’s no law against it, so they have no case. It looks like they were going to have a tough time proving harm since Fox was slandering a dead person. This case was likely doomed from the start.


Yep. Used to be that the public shame from acting in such a shitty matter was what prevented this kind of stuff from happening.

But, no longer. Fox News is a big part of that cultural shift as well.


Are you sure? I didn’t watch the coverage, but I’ll bet Clinton has standing to sue. Of course, if she sued every time she has standing she would be… Trump.

Nah man. Trump only threatens to sue. And he mostly does it when he has no standing or justification. He does get sued a lot. But mostly seems to send groundless threats.


Clinton didn’t bring this case, it was the parents of the deceased.

Work out which state would have jurisdiction, then depending on their Publicity Right laws, sue Fox for that in state court. (Fox wasn’t reporting news, but using his name and image for financial gain.)

That could open out a messy can of worms. Forget I said anything.

I believe that @Boundegar is saying that the Clintons could possibly bring their own defamation lawsuit against FOX.

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They could try, but it won’t have any bearing on this case.

Yes. I know that. The Clinton’s can claim that they were defamed by FOX since the Seth Rich story (which FOX pushed) implies that the Clintons were involved in his murder.

If Clinton sued Fox for every time they defamed her character she would tie up every court in the country for the entire year.

I suppose that’s possible, but the Seth story could be a start.

One battle at a time. Or just the one.

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