Parents of Seth Rich reach undisclosed settlement with Fox News, lawsuit charged cable newser with exploiting 27 year old DNC staffer's death

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I can only imagine what the Qanon freaks are putting that family through. It never ends.


This is a big win for Fox. They made way more than this on the advertising on those segments, and even if they hadn’t they’d happily pay that out to push their agenda and keep the loyalty of their deplorables.


At some point, it might get too expensive to allow the level of lies and conspiracy they keep touting on Fox.

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Every time you watch a Star Wars or Marvel show, the biggest shareholder payout goes to Rupert Murdock. So, no.

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Rupert Murdoch isn’t Fox new though. It isn’t like he is pouring money back into Fox willy nilly. If he likes money so much, there might be a point where he is like, “You guys are costing money with this bullshit. Cut it out. You can still push the agenda with out making stupid accusations that get us sued.”

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“The killer didn’t take his wallet, this PROVES it was a professional hit not a robbery!”

“Wouldn’t a professional killer take the wallet to make it look like a robbery gone bad?”

“uhhh . . . no, you see, uhh . . . [insert bullshit here.]”


The fairness docrine served us well for a long time. We need it reinstated.

When a huge portion of the populace gets their news from Facebook, Twitter and random blogs, having Fox News give lip service to contrary views (like they did when Alan Colmes shared a show with Hannity) is just a drop in the bucket.

I’m not sure how you would enforce the fairness doctrine on a lone citizen “influencer” with a million online followers.

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