Juice is basically sugar-water


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Every morning I make a smoothie out of different fruits and vegetables. If the skin is edible, I don’t remove it. I feel full until lunchtime.


I would find it hard to start the day without a glass of juice, I go with half orange half grapefruit, that sour kick from the grapefruit is what’s really needed to wake me up. I try and keep it to a small glass though (~150ml say), and it’s the only non-tea drink I’ll have during the day. I try and eat two pieces of fruit most days, usually a banana in the morning and an apple for lunch.


Florida man will have something to say about this.


My doctor made that clear to me years ago: if you want the juice, eat the fruit and get the fibre. At that point I switched out my morning glass of OJ for an orange. I now look at fruit juice as a convenience or snack food.


I could have sworn I read about this book here on BoingBoing…



That’s why I only drink this.


Not really a fair comparison, since the the electrolytes pretty much automatically make it superior to more extreme than retarded fruit juice.

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So to summarize the premise here: Consuming fruit juice leads to excess caloric intake

Presumably it still provides vitamins and trace minerals, since those aren’t confined to the skin and pulp of the whole fruit.

What are the implications for people who aren’t struggling with excess calorie intake? Presumably fruit juice is still a better choice than your carbonated, caffeinated soft drink of choice. How about black tea?

I’m trying to organize a hierarchy of liquids, in terms of net health effects other than calorie count.

Ooops, be right back. Need to make a fresh cup of tea.


I have fruit for breakfast every day. Well, fruit salad. Well, grape salad. Grapes. Well, grape juice. Fermented grape juice. Wine. I have wine for breakfast every day.

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Black tea has close to zero calories.


Basically less elevated sugar levels in fruit vs juice, which is important for people trying to hold off diabetes.


Please note the following sentence:


Sugar intake that looks more like a roller coaster tends towards diabetes, as your body, over time, won’t be able to keep up with the spikes. If you must consume 2000 calories, it’s better for your health to eat it than drink it – in other words, a chocolate cake is better than a smoothie if you don’t care about calories.



Exactly. Why are we still talking about this? Didn’t everyone other than the Fruit Juice Council figure this out decades ago?


Oh, I’m sure they did too!


If someone does not like juice, does that automatically make him an antismoothite?


I know the person who makes one is called a smooth operator.


And the one who steals one is a smooth criminal.