A juicer that won't make juice unless the produce is marked with special code [Updated]


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I … don’t see why if you are buying premasticated fruit you wouldn’t just buy juice???


They should do something like this with inkjet printers, so you can’t use any other ink except the one the manufacturer makes. Whenever I’m reading a document and it’s been printed with fake, 3rd party ink, I find it very hard to take seriously. Someone needs to do something about all this competition and underpricing.


Wow. Weren’t we arguing that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen not long ago? This seems kinda extreme, like someone’s trying to prove that the concerns about brand lock-in that we were hoping were too far, weren’t.

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You can also buy predigested fruit. It looks like this:


Not gunna lie; if I were crazy fuckin’ rich, I’d buy one. You can hate on drm’d food all you want, but this solves a whole lot of problems with regular juicers; having to buy fresh produce (the pouches keep it sealed and fresh), having to come up with recipes (each pouch is the right blend), and having to clean up (pouch keeps all the mess in).

I would never buy a coffee machine that used pods, but for juice this seems like it’s a lot less hassle than fresh. That said, anyone who buys one of these had better be prepared to chuck $400 out the window when the company behind it goes under and the packs are no longer available.


Given the incredibly specific nature of its machinery, I can see why it won’t let you just stick a ziploc bag of carrots in there, so this isn’t really a “DRM” situation – a ridiculous expense for juice, but I guess if you want fresh juice but hate the cleanup, this would be the device for you.


Dude, problem solved


Man, between tracking juicers and vibrators, they’ve got it covered!



I don’t see the words “cold pressed” anywhere on that label.


Since it’s cold-pressed juice, a better comparison would be something like BluePrint juices, which run about $11 per bottle. For juicing fanatics who’re doing a juice fast or meal replacements, cold-pressed and as fresh as possible are very important, so this device would be a cost saver over time, if that’s your thing.


You know how 47% of all kitchen gadgets (including 93% of gifts) sit in the cabinet unused until the owner passes away?


Alt-ink messing up the “facts”!!


Fondue sets in particular. In your parent’s attic, if you’re between age 30 and 40, very few exceptions.


“Pre-masticated” juice packs? You don’t even really know whats in those packs (hello dead bugs or old band-aids.) This is giving people the illusion of fresh juice when it’s no better than a store bought bottled smoothie like Odwalla, though I guess you get more flavor choices.

If you think the juicing mechanism is good but don’t like the DRM then open up the machine and see if the innards can be separated from the brains and be used for your own chopped up veggies.


I think this is the same target market as flatev


you can now buy your tortillias as expensive pods, rather than 4 lb bags of Masa.

rich people who don’t know the value of a dollar?


DRM aside, I am not convinced that that isn’t the worst of both worlds.


Yes - cut open a juice pack, put your stuff in there, figure out a way to reseal it so it doesn’t shoot out the hole (duct tape). The DRM on the outside of the package might still work… unless the software can detect re-use of the same pack due to individual pack serial numbering and the machine has a memory of what’s passed through. Wouldn’t put it past them to do this, but hey, there is probably a way around their stupid DRM. I like the Gallagher method better, though. Put the whole damn juicer under the hammer.


If the input has been pre-chewed, what does the juicer do, other than enforce DRM protection?