The Juicero is an impressive piece of over engineered hardware


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I mean…


Undoubtedly the advantage to custom parts is that there’s no chance of unauthorized repair centers supplying a cheaper fix.

Seems they’ve already got a patent, and they’re already using it to fend off imitators.


I would love to see someone of the engineering persuasion produce their own “juicero” at a fraction of the cost, just to prove the principle.

And to be mean.


“No user serviceable parts inside.”


He took it apart? That must be a violation of the Terms of Service. I expect him to be jailed shortly.


I looked at that pressing problem, thought one second, and came up with “Roller”.


I am curious how over-engineered it really is, mechanically. It would be interesting to see someone run it through a few thousand cycles and see how much those metal parts deform.

Honestly, this sounds like a description of every Apple product: loads of custom manufacturing, from CNC machining to custom power supplies. And the reasoning is probably the same. It isn’t that it needs that much machining and custom parts to function, but more conventional techniques would yield something 25% larger and heavier to have the required strength and power, or the juice bag loading procedure would be slightly more complicated to reduce the force on the door.

If this were something I wanted, I would applaud them. Anything that wants to live on my counter has to justify every mm. The real proof is to see whether their clever engineering holds up over repeated use. If you run this through a few thousand press cycles, will those precision machined parts hold their shape? Or would they have been better off just making the mechanics bigger and beefier.


All fine and good, but how does it compete with this other juicing product?


An over-engineered useless device is still a useless device.


I didn’t check, but I would assume there is the signatures of the entire product team emblazoned on the inside of the case. Again, a la fruity computers.


Spending venture capital funds on Aeron chairs and “workplace of the future” design consultants gets boring eventually. After that you might as well reinvent the wheel, especially if it means you can wrap it with a big ole “proprietary” ribbon.


I’m still not sure if this juicer is part of an SNL or Onion joke or not


I once considered building an elaborate machine to break apart Popcicles.


[quote=“nixiebunny, post:7, topic:99776”]
and came up with “Roller”.
[/quote]Surely this the sperm juice extraction product that should be the baseline for competitive comparisons, whether the competition costs $13,000 or $400.

(Please someone arrange a video of one of these shysters’ juice packs being rolled through a mangle. And then one of their machines. Oh dear - a new meme? “Does it mangle?”)

ETA - before someone else does, this is of course the prototype steampunk juicero. Now it is working they just need to add some more brass fol-de-rols and fripperies


“Does it extract juice”?


Almost Soviet in its over-engineering.

I’m going to start raising an angel round for the Borschtero!


Oh - an even better question. Like it.




The last signed Mac came out in 1990.


Soviet engineering tends to veer on the simpler side but beefier for reliability. German and Swiss engineers however are both well known for building expensive overly complicated mechanisms that can be achieved by simpler means.