Pepsico launches a K-Cup for juice


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Just fill your vessel with cold water, add ice for some extra chill…

Annnnnd stop there. I’m good. Thank you. What’s that? You want me to also add your overpriced “pod”? No. Really. I’m good. Thanks.


Please don’t put your POD thingy anywheres near me.


And they’re gonna call it (jazz hands!) Juicero!


Juicero 2.0!

What about TIDE pods?

Does it include K-Cup 2.0 DRM?


Man, we are just determined to choke to death on our plastic, aren’t we? What could possibly be the advantage of this?


Profit for PepsiCo?


it makes people feel like they’re in a 1960’s future. Today, juice pods, tomorrow food pills, flying cars, and fully functional domestic robots.

… That’s the best I got.


Water! Now with high fructose corn syrup!


It’s semi-liquid TANG.

PepsiCo is really going down the sucker every minute route.


That is a really well done loop!


The cost is the same as a 64oz bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice at Walmart, $0.06oz For the starter bundle with the container its $0.10oz, And if it has less sugar how can that be bad? Yeah its another pod system so hopefully they have some type of recycling program


Someone started developing it after they saw the juicero and forgot to stop?


Man, we are just determined to choke to death on our plastic, aren’t we?

Hey, it’s cool. That plastic-eating bacteria or nano-virus or whatever will clean up your pod waste, no problem.


Oh, right. Forgot about that. We’ll be fine.


iirc the packaging company I worked for in midtown Manhattan developed the first packaging for Crystal Lite. Cool! A future file powdered juice drink with extra vitamin C?! Awesome! Wait, it is made entirely from artificial everything and tastes like @$$? So horrid.

Every time I see those foil tube packets floating around in the biosphere a twinge of guilt goes thru me…


And the best thing is, we’ll all be living in space for a short while during the cleanup :rocket::rofl:/


Whyyyyyyyy? I don’t see a single benefit with this, for consumers. You can’t even use your own bottle - you have to use their proprietary bottle system, just to get a “mix water and powder” drink, and you have to shake it to mix anyways, so it’s just like adding a powdered drink to your water bottle. They suggest putting ice in it, so there’s not even a benefit over fresh juice that needs refrigeration (much less pasteurized juice). Surely this has substantially less appeal than the Juicero?

For the consumer, none. For the company - well, it seems like the only reason this exists is to try to make a powdered drink mix seem high tech or to desperately hide the fact that it’s a powdered drink mix. I don’t see that working, somehow.


Hey, they skipped a step. Peel, pop, toss the pod in the trash barrel overflowing with discarded pods so yours just falls on the floor next to the barrel but that’s ok the cleaners will pick it up later wait is today Thursday I don’t think they come on Thursdays well either way it’ll get picked up by someone, and shake.


If you want me to “meet a new way to drink” you’d better mean that you are buying this round. Deal?