RIP Juicero, the machine that squeezed juice from packets of juice


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RIP Juicero, the machine that squeezed juice from packets of juice

A little excitement in an otherwise dull day.


Somehow I managed to misread the headline as “Squandered juice from packets of juice.”

I do think it’s a way for stupid rich people to squander money, so I guess I’m primed.


Retail price: $400+ per unit.


Not to mention they required you subscribe for a ~$2000/yr subscription for juice packets. That’s the cheapest you could get it. They refused to sell them without subscriptions.


Didn’t even see that part, just skimmed a blurb about it on my feed.

Even more “bye.”


I know it’s not right to instantaneously dismiss certain new ideas and devices before they’ve gone through some trial period and been given the opportunity to show what they could do, but it looks like I and a whole lot of people who had immediately dissed the Juicero as being an incredibly stupid idea way back when were right…and I don’t think that was due to chance.


Think of it as redistribution of wealth.


Exactly: rich people doing stupid things with money is a key part of trickle-down economics.


This is venture capital. It’s spending other people’s money on things that have a better than 50% chance of failing and never contributing to the economy’s money cycle.

They claim it’s a useful learjet, but really it’s someone’s bundle of bottle rockets.


The fact that they mistook this bundle of soggy bottle rockets for a learjet is a key part of trickle-down economics.


Yeah, but who does it trickle down to? And does it actually contribute economically? It is possible to waste money productively. This isn’t it.


This is why we need more rich people and for them to do even stupider things with their money.


Wouldn’t this be more like… Squish-out economics?


Possibly. I won’t instantaneously dismiss the notion.


There’s no reason they had to fail - there’s a very obvious market for this product. People complaining about the cost or how much effort this was compared to using a real juicer are missing the point - this was not a product for us. The sweet spot was the techbro break room, stocked with this and going through 40 $8 packs per day, but then you have the manbun guy at home.

It was bad marketing and bad damage control by Juicero. They let the product become a laughingstock, which immediately loses you your market base of affluent ‘cool’ douchebags and douchefirms. A good PR department could handle even the Bloomberg debacle, or wouldn’t let you get there in the first place.



Speaking only for myself, I don’t think poor marketing was the thing that drove me to instantaneously dismiss the Juicero. My reaction was too instantaneous for ANY marketing – good or bad – to take hold.


It’s not trickling down, it’s trickling over.


“Juicero - Poor people just don’t get it.”